Automotive Software Solutions
⭐ DashBouquet ⭐ is an automotive industry service software development company that provides top-notch development and consulting services to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Automotive Software Solutions

DashBouquet is an automotive software development company that provides top-notch development and consulting services to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Custom Automotive Software Development

DashBouquet offers development experience, integration expertise, and the ability to adjust to the latest trends to provide quality custom automotive app development services. From the integration of independent elements into a comprehensive platform to supplementing an innovative idea with a smart solution, our automotive software development team is ready to take on challenging tasks.

What our clients say

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Everyone, from their management team to their developers, is willing and ready to answer our questions.

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Anna-Lena Gerber

We were so satisfied with the work of Dashbouquet that I recommended them to a lot of people in my network.

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Rubporn Memoli

They are knowledgeable and quick-working, producing quality work.

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Robert Fair

Dashbouquet is excellent, I would give them a perfect score.

Automotive Software Development Team

Automotive software development has its unique challenges because a typical modern vehicle likely has software architecture composed of separate modules. And there is no single platform to meet all cross-system needs. Our automotive software development team combines lean development strategies to create a shorter development cycle while being able to respond quickly and comprehensively to changes.

Technologies we use

Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining, Data
Analytics, Big Data
Neural Networks
React native
Computer Vision
Augmented Reality

Automotive Software Consulting Services

DashBouquet offers automotive software consulting services to help clients ranging from startups to enterprises come up with safety-ensured automotive software solutions.
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Automotive Software Development Company

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Our featured works


App that recognizes car make and model using machine learning and computer vision

Automotive Software

DashBouquet is an automotive software company that offers automotive software development services to businesses of all sizes. Our seasoned automotive software developers are ready to take on challenging tasks and build reliable automotive software solutions for the unmatched driving experience.
Advanced driver-assistant systems are designed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle processes to avoid collisions and accidents by minimizing human error. These systems are able to alert the driver to potential problems, implement safeguards, and take corrective actions thus enabling safety on the road.
Dashboard Car Apps
Car dashboard apps provide drivers with a customizable display and monitoring system. These solutions make common services easily available while driving and present the information in a highly visual manner. Universal interface irrespective of the car allows for seamless switching to another car without getting used to a new and completely different dashboard.
Voice Control Apps
Voice control apps allow drivers to operate the car functions and use features they want through speaking instructions while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. These solutions reduce manual interaction from the driver increasing safety. Thanks to voice-enabled technologies that moved far beyond initiating phone calls and controlling in-car features, voice control apps enable drivers to stay connected in the car communicating and accessing the entertainment hands-free.
Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
IVI stands for a combination of systems designed to deliver entertainment and information to the driver and the passengers through audio and video interfaces. IVI software applications integrate advanced audio and video features with user-friendly interfaces thus increasing safety. Working in integration with other in-vehicle and external systems, IVI solutions keep it easy to access information and content on the road.
Car Recognition App
Car recognition applications instantly identify car make, model, and year of manufacture based on a picture provided. Like Shazam for music, these apps analyze vehicle appearance enabling users to verify cars around them. Automotive recognition software can also be used to enhance product search and organize large collections of data.
Car Auction Apps
Car auction apps simplify the wholesale auction process by providing a platform for bidding, selling, and buying vehicles. These apps typically feature bid management, simplified approval process, and in-app payments.