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Neural Network Company

Neural network development is a branch of machine learning inspired by the human brain and attempting to simulate the way it operates. An Artificial neural network is basically a set of algorithms represented by a web of interconnected nodes, organized in layers, where the amount of signal transmitted depends on the weight of a particular connection. These neural networks change in accordance with information that goes through them in a process called reinforcement learning. Each of the nodes, or artificial neurons, is responsible for simple computation processes. Connections between certain nodes acquire certain weight and the knowledge of an artificial neural network is stored in inter-neuron connection strengths, also known as synaptic weights.This structure allows neural networks to recognize context, process and categorize raw data.

We provide industry-specific neural network development services

The learning potential of neural networks is immense, as the more information such network processes, the more it develops. These algorithms are suitable for finding patterns in unstructured data, such as images, sensor readings, etc.
Our neural network developers build reliable ML-driven software solutions in time and in line with defined business objectives.


Once trained, neural networks are way more efficient than regular methods and this advantage is gaining recognition. Companies use neural networks in various ways, and the technology has already found application in a number of domains:
• Chemical engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Weather forecasting
• Medical image processing
• Drug development
• Resource allocation
• Modeling organs/parts of human body
• Marketing
• Real estate
• Financial analysis
• Market trading
• Fraud detection
• Credit rating
• Process control
• Quality control

neural network consulting services

DashBouquet provides neural networks consulting services to make the cutting-edge technology neatly mapped into your business model. Our neural network developers create industry-specific solutions designed to solve challenging tasks with stunning precision.

Neural networks are capable of carrying out several critical tasks:

Classifying entities can be performed using several effective ways, and neural networks algorithms stand out due to their unique capability of creating dynamic predictive functions. For a subset of tasks neural network algorithms provide best fitting models so far.
Neural networks allow for analyzing past data for predicting future trends. Regular predictive tools like linear regression use only input and output data, whereas in neural network models there is an intermediate layer that enables learning and makes predictions more precise.
Clusterization using neural networks involves identifying inherent structural patterns in a data set based on similarity measure. This technique is commonly used for analyzing heterogenous data.
Neural network algorithms can be used for analyzing relationships between data in large data sets allowing for recognizing unfamiliar versions of a learned pattern.

Our seasoned neural network developers will guide you on your way to novel technology implementation

DashBouquet offers top-notch neural network development services tailored for your unique case. Our experienced neural network engineers build custom solutions to drive your business’s digital transformation.