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Chatbot Development Company

Chatbots are set to be the next big thing. They use cutting-edge technologies to allow humans to talk with machines. Although current chatbots deal with customer queries strictly within their current capabilities, they provide scalability and free up workers for more complicated tasks.


Chatbots are software applications designed to simulate human conversational partners. These apps use artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to process written or spoken human language and to maintain a conversation. Chatbots often allow for quick handling of common well-defined customer queries.

The objective of chatbot app development is far from fooling customers into thinking that they chat with an actual person. Instead, well-built chatbots save customers time and the company’s human resources by simplifying communication and automating common queries resolution.

Why building a chatbot is a good idea? Chatbots:

Chatbots we create are custom-built to integrate seamlessly with your business management software. Our solutions solve a range of queries in-app and make your customers’ life easier.
Establish connection with customers based on trust by delivering hassle-free support
By streamlining simple and repetitive tasks, chatbots convey the message that the company values customer’s time and comfort, and establish a decent connection with clients.
Provide your customers with personalized support 24/7
Remain available after hours to reach out to a vast audience.
Boost customer service while being easy to set up and deploy
Instant customer service and rapid incorporation make well-built chatbots a valuable acquisition for businesses.
Increase customer engagement
Using chatbots over your client’s favorite communication channels revolutionizes the customer experience.
Reduce waiting time
Customers don’t have to wait for answers to basic questions when a smart chatbot takes care of providing relevant information.
Allow for gathering insightful analytics
Analyzing logged data helps to remain in sync with the customer’s current needs and make appropriate adjustments just in time.
Save the workforce, money, and time
Chatbots allow for automation of well-defined tasks and scaling processes. customer interaction.

Custom industry-specific chatbot development

Modern businesses opt for chatbot app development to invest in building lasting relationships with customers. Chatbots are increasing efficiency and revenue across multiple industries:
E-commerce chatbots
E-commerce chatbots provide a range of sales services and reach potential customers by automating answering the most common questions your clients have.
Customer support chatbots
Chatbots are available to clients after hours to deliver personalized support across multiple channels and at any moment.
Food ordering chatbots
Ordering food over a chatbot allows users to simplify delivery and takeaway, making reservations and process payments. Customers make their orders as if they speak with an actual person, chatbots process these orders, and provide diners with the detailed information and personalized recommendations.
News chatbots
Chatbots can aggregate the data from different resources and customize the feed, eliminating information overload. These apps engage users to interact with publishers and media companies in order to deliver relevant content in the messaging environment.
Travel and hospitality chatbots
These chatbots can reduce the hassle of hotel booking and enhance the travel experience, providing clients with intelligent search services, enabling easy ticketing, attraction, and relevant activities recommendations.
Banking chatbots instantly handle common issues customers commonly stumble upon within the banking sector. These apps analyze user requests and provide quick support, increasing conversion rates.
Legal assist chatbots
Legal chatbots can decrease paperwork and automate the handling of routine administrative tasks so that employees can shift their focus and manage more billable tasks.
Healthcare chatbots
Medical chatbots are tools built to communicate with patients via voice or text. In certain scenarios healthcare chatbot apps can extend the capabilities of clinicians, enabling them to focus on solving more complex issues.

Custom chatbot app development services

DashBouquet provides full-cycle custom chatbot development services for businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. Our chatbot developers provide cross-platform deployment and ensure seamless integration of a chatbot into your company’s backend. As trusted chatbot solution providers, we ensure the quality of the product.