Augmented Reality App Development Services
DashBouquet is an augmented reality app development company offering custom development and consulting services to clients worldwide.
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Augmented Reality App Development Services

DashBouquet is an experienced AR development company that helps businesses to take advantage of the power of augmented reality by creating custom AR solutions.

DashBouquet is an experienced AR development company that builds quality AR solutions.

Augmented reality refers to an interactive experience of the real-world environment enhanced by computer-generated sensory information. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality doesn’t require a headset and can be implemented on mobile phones and tablets with sufficient processing power. Augmented reality apps add digital layers atop real-world environments and display the resulting image.

Markerless AR

Markerless AR derives real-world coordinates through a camera, accelerometer, GPS, etc. to map objects via the process called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). Developing markerless AR software requires more complicated programming but its prospects of implementation are broader. One of the subtypes of markerless AR is location-based AR, and the popular Pokemon GO app falls into that category.

Marker-based AR

Markers are patterns easily recognizable by cameras that trigger augmented effects to appear on the device. Once the camera recognizes the pattern, digital data is overlayed on this marker. Objects in marker-based AR need to be hard-coded into an app to be recognizable, so the more markers an application supports, the more storage space it would require. cloud storage. Marker-based AR is easier to implement in application development.

We offer top-notch augmented reality development services to clients across multiple industries.

DashBouquet is a custom AR development company that offers top-notch augmented reality development services to clients across multiple industries.

AR creates business value either by being a product feature or by streamlining the processes across the value chain. Evolving technology and applications of AR pose challenges for augmented reality app development companies as well as massive benefits for businesses and consumers across multiple industries, to name just a few:
AR provides convenient solutions to multiple challenges across various areas of the healthcare system. Implementations of AR in medical training, surgical visualization, vein visualization are in use in medical facilities across the world.
Retail and Marketing
AR offers endless opportunities for shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores to look up additional information on products, customize them, compare prices instantly, and many more.
AR provides a variety of ways for businesses to increase efficiency by streamlining logistics. From indicating the shortest route within a warehouse to monitoring the assembly process, AR ensures a higher level of productivity within a supply chain.
AR enables a richer learning environment by reducing the mental effort needed to apply 2D-presented digital information into a 3D world. AR apps showing structures and systems superimposed on a real-world task at hand allow people to process physical and digital simultaneously thus streamlining education.
AR can make selling experiences of physical environments easier for travel agencies as it presents an opportunity for enhancing them. From introducing interactive hotel elements to enriching the entire travel experience by augmenting tourist destinations, new uses of AR are emerging all the time.
Design and Modeling
AR aids the modeling process in multiple ways: from visualizing the final product during the creative process to building digital models of design concepts from scratch.

AR solutions for Androind and iOS

DashBouquet’s leading software development team creates reliable AR solutions for Android and iOS in time and in line with the defined business objectives. Our seasoned AR app developers build reliable solutions within a shorter development cycle.