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DashBouquet is an innovative AI development company that helps businesses leverage the power of cutting-edge technologies.
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AI Development Company

Artificial Intelligence is a wide branch of computer science concerned with creating a set of algorithms in order to emulate human intelligence. AI comprises a number of subsets such as machine learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing, data analytics, and deep learning. Enterprise AI solutions can be seen across multiple industries. As an experienced artificial intelligence development company, we embed AI capabilities into our software solutions to help businesses solve the most challenging tasks.

DashBouquet provides industry-specific AI development services to businesses of all sizes.

DashBouquet provides quality artificial intelligence services to help customers in every industry capitalize on advancements in AI. We offer our expertise in artificial intelligence development to provide industry-specific AI development services to businesses of all sizes. We work with several AI frameworks and tools to build quality industry-specific AI solutions.

DashBouquet offers consulting services to customers across the globe and regardless of industry.

Our artificial intelligence consulting services are designed to help companies keep up with the rapid advancement and expanding capabilities of AI. Use our cross-domain expertise in AI to tackle complex problems and streamline your business processes by automating the most time-consuming tasks. Our artificial intelligence firm will help you identify key points for AI implementation within your business strategy for maximizing benefits.

AI applications are commonly divided in two broad categories:

Artificial General Intelligence
These systems are designed to emulate general human intelligence and to apply this intelligence to solve any problem. As things stand, AGI is quite limited in terms of its capabilities, and remains to be one of the field’s long-term goals.
Narrow AI
This subtype is focused on outperforming humans within narrowly defined tasks and so far it is the most successful realization of artificial intelligence. Facial recognition tools, personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, AI-powered searching and image recognition software, self-driving cars are examples of Narrow AI application.

Narrow AI can generate business value indirectly by increasing efficiency and providing data-driven decision-making. Solutions with embedded AI are capable of predicting customer behavior, providing unique experiences, streamlining business processes, thus delivering higher quality customer services. Although Narrow AI solutions operate within a pre-defined range, these systems process data at beyond human pace significantly improving overall productivity and efficiency.
Natural language processing
NLP lets computers process human natural language through voice or text and use language data to analyze vast amounts of unstructured information. This branch of AI enables creating solutions such as text-to-speech tools, factual search engines, multi-language live translation apps.

Applications of various subsets of AI

Machine Learning
ML refers to sophisticated algorithms allowing machines to learn through data without additional programming, eliminating the need for thousands of lines of written code and is currently the most applicable subset of AI to enterprise.
Expert Systems (Predictive Analysis tools)
These solutions include recommendation engines and diagnosis tools able to solve complex problems using existing knowledge like a human would, but at beyond human speed.
Computer Vision
Mimics processing visual information by the human visual system and allows for creating tools for object recognition, biometric authorization, motion tracking, and many more.
Neural Networks
This AI subdomain is dedicated to developing and training computer systems of interconnected nodes inspired by the human nervous system.