MenHealth is a uroflowmetry application to help men diagnose and monitor their LUTS/BPH symptoms or post-surgery recovery by using a smartphone at home.


Digital Health and Medical Device


BE Technologies


Sound acquisition and data processing and analyzing


9 months

estimated man-hours:

798 hours


React Native, Redux

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BE Technologies was interested in developing an application that allows men to care for their urinary health using a smartphone and prevent possible health issues in the early stages. The proprietary algorithm was used to process the sound of urine when it hits the water surface in a toilet in order to calculate flow. Butterworth filters were used for sound files processing and analysis. We implemented this mathematical model in our development and added it to code.

DashBouquet team scope of work covered React Native application for both platforms iOS and Android. The application doesn’t have full-fledged backend - data processing goes directly on the smartphone, while processed data is being saved into the cloud to have an access anytime.

We developed a mechanism that transforms the analog signal, amplifies the required frequencies and divides the signal into samples. The number of complex filters allows to process the record sound and to compensate the background noise. The application uses a computational algorithm that takes into account user phone microphone calibration. Output data is visualizing with the help of graphs that show indicators fluctuations.

Developed application processes sound of urine when it hits the water surface in a toilet and calculates flow and its dynamics. It saves test results locally and in a cloud-based storage. It provides accurate urine flow measurement and enables men to be more aware of their medical conditions and to control them. It is non-contact, does not require cleaning, hygienic and consumer friendly. All these factors significantly improve quality of life.