Slashdata project is a fast and responsive static website that allows to manage content generated form number of sources.


Business services




Aggregating content form number of APIs into one fast static website


6 months

estimated man-hours:

654 hours


Gatsby.js, Keystone CMS, Workable API, Cookiebot, WordPress JSON API

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01 / 06


Slashdata is company tracking global software developer trends via surveys. The query was to create a fast working and secure solution - a website that gets content from the various sources. With Gatsby.js we went beyond a simple static site and aggregated number of APIs:

  • KeyStone CMS - for storing research results and clients information
  • Wordpress API - getting content for blog
  • Workable API - getting company vacancy
  • Cokiebot - managing cookie and check if it’s GPDR compliant
  • Integration with Netlify to accept inquiry for research results