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Mar 07 2019 | byNatalia Kukushkina

Dashbouquet Helps in Creating an App for the Men’s Health Monitoring

Recently we received another review from a satisfied client and we’d love to share it with you. We are grateful for a chance to contribute to the innovations in the healthcare segment.

About the client

Our client is a startup company that suggested an innovative way for the men to monitor their health care, more specifically – check their urinary health at home.

The client had an idea of the app as well as the list of the needed algorithms and functions. What the company needed was an experienced app development company to help realize the idea into a working and useful app.

Our results and feedback

After receiving all the necessary specifications and requirements, we started our work. As a result, the client now has an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android.

The app analyzes the sound of the urine hitting the water surface and creates a dynamic flow curve. The sound analysis is done via the in-built sound processing engine.

The user immediately sees the test results in real time. The app can also generate the report on the test results and send it to the doctor if needed. We developed this feature specifically for our client as a useful add-on. In addition, the DashBouquet team also took care of the UX and UI of the app.

As a result of our mutual work, the client says that over 90% of the testers find our app to be incredibly helpful and useful.

The client especially emphasized our experience and knowledge in all aspects of the app development, including design. He also mentions the importance of providing numerous solutions to an issue, which we deliver as well.

Overall, this project turned out as a very beneficial partnership. The work is ongoing – and we hope to add even more cool features to the app! Because the healthcare industry is undergoing massive tech transformation, we believe such apps will soon become the future of medicine and will help people be more aware of their health.  Men's Health review on clutch

Read a full review here.