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How to Speed up your Web App and Improve Website Performance

Frontend Development

Optimization of site performance is a big deal. It involves multiple aspects to take care of and many of them depend on the site itself, its complexity and elements. However, there is also a set of common optimization methods that work for any site.

Oct 13 2019| byVitaly Shalak

5 DevOps Tools to use

Frontend Development

While an understanding of various concepts drives DevOps, there are different tools out there to make it easier to implement these concepts. In this article, you'll learn about these tools and hopefully, begin using them as an integral part of your software release/maintenance toolkit.

Oct 07 2019| byVitaly Shalak

How to use Blockchain in the Hospitality Industry


Blockchain technology offers many advantages to many industries and hospitality as well. Decentralized network that makes it efficient to handle all transactions and payments. and a high level of transparency can empower the industry.

Oct 04 2019| byAshley Halsey

The Biggest FinTech Startups to watch for in 2019


The FinTech startups played a really big role in this transformation by timely offering their innovative services and solutions. These startups pioneer in bringing new technologies to the finances and banking and successfully collaborate with well-established banks and financial institutions.

Sep 30 2019| byNatalia Kukushkina

The Value of AI in Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the source of many of the tectonic shifts in emerging digitized relationships between customers and businesses. Successful businesses are learning that the key to customer satisfaction across digital platforms is harnessing the power of AI technology to facilitate a strong customer experience and digital presence.

Sep 25 2019| byAmanda Muire